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Quality Standards

We comply with the quality standards that are in accordance with the most stringent, both National and International.


Our processes are respectful and comply with the European environmental standards for waste treatment.

Labour Responsibility

Jordatex is committed to the development of local, social cooperation for the people it employs in its facilities.


Complete Process

Jordatex performs the entire process in its facilities, from the start of the fabric to the final finish, without the need to carry out any procedure external of the company. This allows establishing the traceability of the product, eliminating uncertainties in the productive chain.

Technical Treatments

If needed, the product can be finished with different technical specifications. The requirements can be aesthetic, reinforcement to the resistance to mechanical efforts, anti-stain protection, waterproofing or any physical characteristic.

Quick Response

Jordatex works in a coordinated manner with its customers to seek excellence in the final product. For this, we make technological investments so that our machinery is updated and allows it to make the fabrics in a reasonable and timely manner.


A high level of research, development and innovation implies a greater strength of the products or processes that differ positively from those of our competitors. Many of the activities are potentially generating social advances in the form of quality of life, improvement of the environment and health.




High quality threads

Weaved in the facilities

Fabric manufacturing

Long experience

Competitive service

Elaborate designs

Own finishes

Extensive range of products



Eurofins. Standard Product Safety

Global Recycled Standard



70 years in the sector

Our origins date back to 1948, when D. Fidel Jordá Castelló began manufacturing regenerated fabrics for different uses.






Our new generation of products

Jordatex now offers a new range of recycled products that are produced with lower water consumption, a reduction in CO2 emissions and significant energy savings. Discover the features of Recy-tex.